The Art of Healthy Living

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Yogi, Therapist & Spiritual Alchemist

Jodie Duplisea is a holistic therapist who has dedicated her life to studying and sharing her love of ancient healing techniques. She started practising yoga as a young child to heal her own body.  Knowing first hand the miraculous power of the body to heal, Jodie offers her favourite techniques as an integrative approach to wellness so you can benefit as well.  


The essence of her work empowers you to return to your natural, divine, unlimited self:  mind, body & soul.  Thereby, creating magical & meaningful lives as we connect deeply with our core values and live in harmony with our loved ones and nature.

Yoga on the Beach

Feeling the need to return to your true self?   So many are feeling overwhelmed with the speed and responsibilities of daily life.   Luckily, there are easy ways reconnect to your true spirit! 


Jodie offers wellness escapes for 1-2 people as her personal guests in the Laurentians with tailored yoga classes, meditation, aquatic therapy, bodywork and breakthrough wellness coaching sessions.  


Visit the breathtaking Yelapa, Mexico to visit Jodie for a health retreat during the 2021/22 winter season to reconnect to yourself!



Become the Healthiest Version of Yourself


  • Free yourself from pain with her bodywork sessions 

  • Empower yourself through yoga and meditation classes 

  • Create a uniquely tailored plan to optimize your health through wellness coaching services

  •  Nourish your skin with with her homemade, all organic body creams, balms and oils. 

  • Inspired to learn?  Jodie also offers accredited private and semi-private aqua-vie and Thai massage classes to share the knowledge of these incredible techniques.


“It is health that is the real wealth, not pieces of gold or silver ”

Mahatma Gandi

Sunset Yoga



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