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Jodie Duplisea

Jodie is a holistic therapist who has dedicated her life to studying and sharing her love of ancient healing techniques. Her fascination with the miraculous power of the body to heal started with her journey to recovery after a serious childhood gymnastics accident.  That event lead to a dedicated lifetime yoga practice and a multidimensional career in the health field. Jodie offers her blend of favourite techniques of traditional medicines, bodywork, movement and meditation as an integrative approach to wellness so you can regain your wellness and enjoy a happy and healthy life.  


The essence of her work empowers you to return to your natural, divine, unlimited self: mind, body & soul.  Thereby, creating magical & meaningful lives as we connect deeply with our core values and live in harmony with our loved ones and nature.

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My Story

Because of many sports injuries,  Jodie began attending yoga classes and experimented with many different types of therapies to recover.  Her studies reflect her favorite, most effective therapies and she is very happy to offer various treatment to help her clients regain and maintain their optimal health.  She has been fortunate enough to study with fabulous teachers in several countries.   Jodie loves to travel so she combined her travelling with volunteer work, training single mothers in less fortunate countries to become yoga teachers and massage therapists so they develop their financial health.


Jodie has been working in the health field for nearly her whole life, volunteering in hospitals and rehab centers since a teenager.  She began her official health career at the Public Health Department in Montreal in 1997, conducting research and policy reforms.  Preferring a 'hands on approach', she left full-time research and development for the government in the early 2000s and combined her skills as a natural health therapist ever since.


Jodie's sense of giving back to the community is also very prevalent in Canada.  Amongst her projects, her favorite was as the Founder/Director of Fondation Ambaa in Montreal,  the province's first non-profit wellness centre that offered therapeutic movement classes for those living with chronic illnesses for free or on a pay as you can basis.  She also continues to do research about the effects of natural therapies on health and created a breast cancer yoga recovery series that has helped 1000s of women rehabilitate from treatments.  The results of this program were so beneficial that the study was published in medical journals with Cedar's Breast Clinic.

Jodie absolutely loves her work and clients and so do they; find out how her clients feel after working with  her.


On a personal note:  Jodie is no stranger to dis-ease and has learnt fabulous techniques to gain and maintain optimal health.  As a busy single (lone) mom with her own home and business, she also discovered out of the box techniques to live the life she truly desired.  She also had to find creative ways to deal with her son's learning differences to manage his school needs while managing her father's health concerns so she truly understands how wonderful albeit complicated family life can be at times.   She loves to help others find the solutions for life's puzzles so others so we can all lead the lives they dream of and deserve.  

Our Clients Say



I'm floating. My heart is light.​ I have just finished an Aqua therapy session with the caring Jodie Duplisea.

I have been afraid of water since I was a child. This winter in Mexico, I realized, once again, how much this fear has deprived me of the pleasure of water. This reflection led me to look for a resource that could help me free myself from this fear. I am looking for an approach that directly works the physical body. This is how I discovered Jodie’s services in Val-David. This therapist truly embodies feminine gentleness. I quickly felt safe with her, which allowed me to let myself be lulled by her arms and by the water. A liberating session that allowed me to travel internally into various personal, transgenerational and karmic traumas. In such a gentle and natural way, I contacted my cellular memories to release a host of things to create space for safety and pleasure.

Jodie made me realize that to be safe on Earth 🌎 you also need to be safe in water, because everything is made of water...


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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