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Welcome to Jodie's Holistic Health & Wellness World! My Quest to Feel Fabulous; Mind, Body and Soul

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Foundations in Health & Wellness

My journey into holistic health & wellness is, let's say, quite unique; it started in childhood in to deal with limited mobility and chronic pain stemming from a broken neck in a gymnastics accident when I was only 5. In the midst of what seemed like such bad luck, I was fortunate enough that my grandparents insisted that I attend their senior citizen's yoga class. Through my yoga practise, I recovered little by little and was even able to return to competitive sports. I became a true believer in yoga and the body's innate wisdom and capacity to heal. Thank goodness; as I seem to be a magnet for accidents and illnesses throughout my life and I always fell back to my yoga practise for healing.

The Beginning of my Love of Movement

Family Genes

At the same time, my father and his family suffered horribly with their health and wellness. They were victims of the agent orange experiments in New Brunswick conducted by the Canadian government using Monsanto's 'pesticides' and consequently, lived with the devastating consequences on their health. They had countless operations, cancer diagnosis, nerve damage, extreme pain, short lifespans, debilitating digestive issues and even worse was the psychological disturbances as the poison caused brain damage and they were not able to control themselves. It has devastating effects on our family on all realms of being. Now, we see it ravage the health of the second and third generations. Hence, I became fascinated with political economy concerning health as well as a multi-facited methods to gain and maintain wellness.

The Quest for Holistic Health & Wellness

When I turned 18, I set a goal to feel fabulous, body, mind and soul. Through my yoga practise, I knew that I could recover and lead the life I felt destined for, I just needed to find the right methods. I decided to travel and discover the healing arts around the globe and studied the modalities that made huge impacts in my wellbeing. With the upmost gratitude to all of my teachers and therapists who guided me back to health, I now have the honour to pass on these healing techniques to you with sincere wishes for you and your family to experience your optimal health and happiness.

I'm dedicating this blog to all that surrounds health: movement, food, farming, sleep, therapies, health politics and even rewiring the brain.

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