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Recovering from Breast Cancer

Feel Better Than Ever

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The Battle is Real

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I know so many women, amongst them great friends and family, who were diagnosed with breast cancer and knew how hard treatment and recovery is.   And such lovely women!  I am now so happy to help alleviate the tension, stress and pain so you can go on to live your best life!  

Yoga for Breast Cancer

Ancient Healing

Jodie  worked hand in hand with the MUHC and Cedar's CanSupport and saw the large scale benefits of therapeutic  yoga.  While she collaborated with Cedar's, Jodie worked with hundred's of women with breast cancer and developed a 12 week yoga series that had such beneficial results that it was published in a medical journal.   Thanks to The Cure, the classes have been filmed and are available for free for everyone!  1000s of women have already had tremendous results with Jodie's 12 class series.   Now you are able to tale time to return to your whole self as you regain mobility and strength and release tension and pain following your cancer treatments.

Massage Therapy


Release Pain

Feel at ease as Jodie releases the adherences from surgery and radiation that maybe limiting your range of motion and your comfort level.  Jodie has relived the tension from 100s masectomies and breast reconstruction as well as hysterectomies.

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