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Émilie Gervais

Everyone loves Émilie's openness and joy.  She loves to travel, especially when she listens to her favourite classic songs when she's driving with the windows open.  She feels energized through music and dance and plays the banjo.  She loves to spend time with friends, whether to celebrate their joys or to help and hear everyone laugh. Émilie is a true animal lover, and has a special fondness for Squeaky when she comes to watch the water sessions.  She is connected to nature and loves to help people find their natural rhythm and to live their best life.

My Story

After losing her father when she was only 20 years old, Émilie had an existential crisis that left her feeling like the world didn't make any sense.  Fortunately, while traveling in British Colombia after feeling so lost and suffering for 2 years, she met a women who would profoundly touch her life.  The treatment enabled her to re-inhibit her body and get her power back.  This massage therapist helped Émilie so much that it inspired her to study massage so she could help others find the mind-body-spirit connection.  She loves how this world view transforms a human touch into a deep comprehensive ear.  That is the backbone of her practise.  Émilie continues to evolve in the world of psychology, massage and water therapy, supporting you towards greater greater psysical, mental and emotional well-being with a greater sense to your life.

Our Clients Say

Happy Man

A little note to underline my gratitude!

Having multiple back injuries, the massage therapy treatments and personalized follow-up from Emilie Gervais have greatly increased my quality of life.

Jean-Simon Beaubien


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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