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"Yoga is the dance of every cell with the music of every breath that creates inner serenity and harmony." 
- Debasish Mridha

Deepen your healing journey through practising this ancient healing philosophy.


Surpassing Expectations

Jodie is eternally grateful for all that yoga has opened in the world for her.  In elementary school, she went to her first yoga class with her grandparents in their seniors facility.  Jodie had broken her neck in a gymnastics accident and had spent a year in a body cast, doctor's questioned her ability to be able to walk and live without pain. Her grandfather  was convinced that this was her only hope of healing was to go to yoga.   She was so young, she had no idea why she was there but kept going because the seniors in the class kept giving her chocolates!  The recovery was long and a lot of work, but Jodie not only healed and regain basic functions,  but even returned to competitive sports afterwards.  While she was young, she continued going to yoga classes when she was in pain and in her 20's took up a daily practice to ensure her health and longevity.  That's when she realized the deeper meaning of yoga:  that it leads us to consciously connect with ourselves and with life and allows us to wake up to who or what we really are and to what life is all about.

Warrior One


Enjoy the Luxury of a Class Designed for You

It is empowering to develop your own sequence of moves that is exactly what your body needs. At first, it is common to feel a little unsure, but as you continue to practice you will grow in confidence, and yoga can become a daily refuge from the stresses and strains of everyday life.  Jodie will help you discover the sequences that will provide great healing benefits for your needs in the present moment so you have the tools for your home practise.


Disconnect to Reconnect

Destress from your busy life and heal your mind, body and soul with Jodie in Quebec and abroad!  This winter the retreats will be held in the magical town of Yelapa, Mexico.


Get away from their day to day hectic life of responsibilities and chores, and relax!  Spending time in nature is so healing and rejuvenating for us on many different levels. Breathing in fresh air, taking time to notice and appreciate the abundant life around us, filled with trees, plants, flowers, and birds, and the miracle of the earth's structures and properties such as the mountains, ocean, rocks, caves, and other natural beauty of Mother Earth.

Women Practicing Yoga

Free Yoga Classes

Jodie has been volunteering at NousTV to provide you with great therapeutic and hatha yoga class for free.  You can enjoy classes with Jodie from the comfort of your home whenever your schedule permits.   There are dozens of hatha, therapeutic and yoga in the park videos.  

NB:  the classes were originally filmed in french and are currently being dubbed them so check the french page for more videos.

If you or a loved one is living with or recovering from breast cancer, check out Jodie's yoga series that have helped 1000's of women heal from the aftereffects of treatment and surgery.


You can also connect directly to Jodie's YouTube channel to enjoy the classes!

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